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* What is a Emi Clock? *
(Put mouse cursor to me...)
Emi Clock is an EXTREMELY cute young-girl cartoon character clock.
You can choose from three different watch faces and over 25 different costumes, including "sailor-type" school uniforms, police detective and little-girl warrior outfits, and more. All are very pretty and EXTREMELY cute!
With the pussy-cat cursor and cute little "mew" start-up sound, its sure to be a hit with the girls. It's a little bit naughty, but we recommend it for you girls, also. It has the alarm and chime functions, too, so you can put it to actual serious use.
For those of you who were thinking "if only there was a clock like...," this is the clock to answer your wishes.

* Running platforms *
In addition to the Windows 3.1/95/98/NT/2000/XP/7/8/10 version, Macintosh, and X11 versions. The X11 version was ported by Mr. Koba, well known as a BSD expert, who independently rewrote the program code-the Emi Clock bitmap article were used based on a consent agreement.

* User Registration *
Here we explain how to go about registering as a user, in order to receive the separately distributed "Optional Costumes (Shareware)." The main Emi Clock program is, of course, freeware; there is no need to pay a monetary price for its use. For users who are satisfied with the standard outfits that come with the Emi Clock program, there is no need whatsoever to register.
You can register ONLY IN JAPAN.

* Emi Clock Q & A *
I wanna know!

* Emi Clock information *
Emi Clock version up history.
Emi Clock unknown episode.
X'mas special costume is here!
X'mas special costume
Emi Clock costumes gallery.
That's an Emi Clock original T-shirt (SOLDOUT)
Emi Clock T-Shirt
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